Fire risk assessment flats, converted houses and block management

Fire risk assessment flats, converted houses and block management services

Fire risk assessment flats and converted houses. Buildings such as flats and converted houses require a fire risk assessment. Managing agents or landlords should provide these for persons living in the building. All persons must have a safe way out from their building in the event of a fire. Our team provide PAS 79 fire risk assessment flats, converted houses and blocks of apartments. We can also provide fire emergency plans and supply tenants fire safety advice.

Our assessors have carried out thousands of assessments and inspections in flats. As former fire officers, we can give you many ways to achieve fire law compliance. Our assessors are former senior officers and serving fire officers. We know what fire service inspectors look for and can help you keep you safe.

Are you selling your flat? Do you need our fire risk assessment flats service?

Your solicitor may ask for the fire risk assessment for the building if you are selling your flat. The fire risk assessment will determine whether the building has the correct fire safety measures. It will also point out unsafe areas or practices. Persons should be able to escape safely if all fire precautions are in place.

A fire risk assessment may ask for some measures to improve fire safety. These may be issues with the building or also it could be a lack of safety checks or plans. Therefore it is important that a fire risk assessment is carried out as soon as you decide to sell! Waiting to the last minute may delay the sale of your flat or apartment. 

Before you ask us to carry out your fire risk assessment, find out whether the building has one. The freeholder of the premises may have already carried out an . If so, you may be able to save money and also the sale of your property will not be delayed. If there is not an assessment we can usually inspect and produce the report in a few days!

Do you need a fire risk assessment for your building? You can either call or email us now! We have carried out thousands of inspections in flats. Also common areas of flats and blocks of flats. In addition, we have inspected places  of multiple occupation, buildings homing vulnerable and elderly persons.

Our fire assessors are highly experienced and can help you now!

Do you manage blocks of flats? 

If you are the agent for a block of flats you are probably the “responsible person” for the building. The  “responsible person” must carry out a fire risk assessment and produce a fire emergency plan. After the assessment has been done you may have to make some changes or improvements to improve fire safety. Our role is to provide solutions to achieve fire safety. This includes a safe way out for tenants and ensure that the “responsible person” complies with fire safety law. 

Our fire risk assessments are type 1 non-invasive inspections. We will look at all of the common areas and risk areas in your block of flats. The assessment does not include looking inside flats but does look at fire doors and other risk factors.

Our team provides fire risk assessment services for many commercial and residential landlords and also managing agents.  We also provide training to help you manage your buildings. Either contact us by email or phone to discuss how we can manage your fire safety and fire risk assessments in your buildings. 

Further information about our fire risk assessment flats service

We use a national standard to assess your flat, common area or block of flats. Since we use the same type of standard as the fire service, your report will pass their audit.

Our reports use a colour coded system so you can spot the hazards we identify. Each report has an action plan and advice on how to comply with fire law. We also take photos if this helps to explain the issue more easily.

We will send the fire risk assessment as a pdf. You can also ask for a paper copy if you prefer.

What does a fire risk assessment report include?

A fire risk assessment is a subjective view on fire  safety in a building. It will contain details about the building and the occupier.

Fire safety issues include:

  • The premises - how it is built, the number of floors and also floor area.
  • The occupants - how may and whether anyone is employed there.
  • Occupants at risk from fire - this includes young persons, disabled persons, persons in remote areas.
  • Any previous fires
  • The fire legislation that applies to the building
  • Fire hazards such as electrical risks, smoking risks, the threat of arson, portable heaters, cooking, lightning, risks posed by contractors, dangerous substances and any other possible fire risk.
  • Fire protection measures including means of escape,  measures to limit fire spread, emergency lighting, fire signs, fire alarms, extinguishers or other fire suppression systems.
  • Management of fire safety. This includes checks and tests and their records, plans and procedures

The report will also provide a risk rating and an action plan. This will help the responsible person rectify and fire safety faults.

What to do when you get the report

If you are selling your flat, pass the report to your solicitor.

If you own the block of flats or are a managing agent you may be required to carry our some work. It is important that you do not just place the report in a desk and forget about it! You have a duty to maintain a safe building and will need to correct any issues with the building. We can help you with thi


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