Fire emergency plans and fire evacuation procedures

Plans and evacuation procedures 

The “Responsible Person” in a building is required to carry out fire risk assessments, produce fire emergency plans and also fire evacuation procedures. 

Our team can inspect your premises and produce a fire emergency plan that will meet the London Fire Brigade “suitable and sufficient” criteria. If we provide this service for you, your document will follow London Fire Brigade advice for fire emergency plans, so you can be sure that it will satisfy legal requirements. We can gather information for your fire emergency plan when we carry out the fire risk assessment in your building.

Your fire emergency plan can then be used to train staff in all aspects of fire safety in the building,

Fire emergency plan content

Our fire emergency plans will include the following content. We can also include fire evacuation procedures in this document or provide separate advice.

General staff instruction

Fire safety advice for staff in the place of work.

Fire safety and fire safety precautions

Looking at what staff must know.

Fire alarms

Details of the buildings fire alarm. 

Firefighting equipment

Extinguishers and other fire safety measures in the building.

Calling the fire service

Details of who calls the fire service..

Fire drills

Details of fire drills.

Fire training

Fire training details for staff and fire marshals.

Fire risk assessments

Frequency of fire risk assessments and audits.


Hot work permits and how to manage building contractors.

Fire evacuation plans

How to get people out of the building when the fire alarm operates.

Evacuation plans for disabled persons

Details on how to evacuate any person with a disability.

Fire maintenance schedule

Frequency of fire safety checks and maintenance (optional).

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