Fire marshals – Do you have enough over the festive season?

All workplaces need fire marshals to help with a building evacuation. However, many organisations do not have enough marshals over holiday marshals

The Fire Safety Order requires a workplace to have a fire emergency plan, evacuation plan and trained persons to help evacuate persons in the building.

The holiday period can mean that some workplaces will have more visitors or customers. Alternatively they may have less persons at work between Xmas and the New Year. So what do managers need to consider?

Fire marshals – cover for holiday periods

Places that have extra visitors will need to plan for a busier workplace. They will also probably need more fire marshals. Managers may consider sending persons on training courses. They could also train them in house.

Many businesses experience lower demand for services over the holiday period. Therefore many staff take holidays over this time. With lower number of persons in the building, this may mean there are fewer fire marshals. Sp how does a manger solve this problem?

Most workplaces with larger numbers of staff will operate a sweep system. This means having one fire marshal for every one minute of search time. In addition, they will need to be sure they have cover during lunch breaks etc. If the numbers of persons is very low over the holiday period, they can consider a roll call. This is suitable for low numbers of staff. The system must be carefully monitored and managers may also need to provide further training and drills.

Fire marshals – Book in house fire training for your staff

We only have a few spaces left on our open courses so managers must be quick to book spaces on this course. However, managers can still book our team for in house fire training. We still have a number of dates left in our diary for in house fire marshals training. Either call or email us now for more details.

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