Online fire training – What would the fire risk assessment say?

Will online fire training pass a fire risk assessment inspection. We are asked many times whether staff can undertake online fire fire training

Lets face it, online fire training can be done quickly. This will help busy managers and also busy staff. But is online fire training suitable and sufficient. Also will it pass a fire risk assessment audit?

Some online fire training  courses are generic. Since fire training should be based on a workplace, it may be necessary to show that staff have also read the fire emergency plan. They will also need to have read and understood the fire evacuation plan. Lastly, they will need  to do fire drills.

However, there are online training courses that can be tailored or written specifically for your staff. Since this based on your workplace, it should pass a fire officers audit.

What should online fire training courses include?

You need to train all staff and also fire marshals. In addition, you may need to train other persons who have a role in the fire plan. Take a look at your fire emergency plan and see whether it complies with London Fire Brigade advice. Fire Training course online include your fire emergency plan as part of the course lessons. They also have a number of questions and managers can set the pass mark.

Another reason may persons opt for online training is that it is cheaper than conventional fire training courses. Online fire training with the above company cost less than £10 per person. Yo can also train as many persons as you like with their tailored and bespoke fire training websites. Furthermore, only your staff can access their secure site. After completing the course, users can print off a training certificate or email to a manager. This will provide proof of staff fire training to managers, risk assessors and the fire service inspectors.

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