Fire emergency plan must detail what action must be taken when a fire alarm operates. All staff and other relevant persons should be able to read it.  The plan should also have significant findings of the workplace fire risk assessment.

The plan contents can be used for staff training.

Fire emergency plan

Fire Procedures

·         The action if fire is discovered

·         What to do when hearing the alarm

·         Where the assembly points are


Fire Alarm Details

·         Type of fire alarm system also where the fire panel is.

·         How to raise the fire alarm and operate call points

Escape routes

·         Floor plans showing the fire escape routes and also fire exits

Fire fighting equipment (including fixed fire systems)

·         Types of extinguisher (also where they are) and fire blankets

·         Other fire fighting measures such as sprinklers etc

Specific responsibilities in the event of a fire

·         The name of the responsible person

·         Who is in charge of any incident and their deputy

·         Fire marshals, fire wardens and also deputies

·         Who calls the fire service – At all times.

·         Person who meets the fire service on arrival.

·         Evacuation buddies

Calling the fire brigade

·         Who calls the fire service?

·         Also who calls the fire service out of normal working hours?

·         The information that must be given.

Procedures for those at additional risk

·         Disabled evacuation plans.

·         Contractors, Visitors, Lone workers, High risk process workers and also other persons at risk as identified in the fire risk assessment.

 Process isolation

·         Arrangements to shut down equipment.

·         Details of chemicals and high risk products.

·         Where the  gas isolation and also electrical switch rooms are.

 Fire training

·         Induction training.

·         Staff fire training, its content and also how often it will be done.

·         Fire marshals / fire wardens and also the frequency of refresher training.

·         Buddies training and also frequency of refresher training.

  • Persons with responsibilities within the fire evacuation plan such as first aiders, persons who provide access to fire service and maintenance staff.

 Provision of information to relevant persons

This will include representatives of unions, other tenants in the building and  also any neighbouring premises.

A fire emergency plan should be contained in a single document and the basis of the plan should be based on the findings of the fire risk assessment.