fire safety legal requirements

What are a managers fire safety legal requirements?

Fire safety legal requirements

So what are a managers fire safety legal requirements? In simple terms a manager will or may need the following:

  • A fire risk assessment is needed in all workplaces and in the common areas of residential buildings. The findings of the fire risk assessment must be in writing if there are five or more employees or volunteers.
  • A fire emergency plan is required. This will detail all of the fire safety arrangements for the place of work. It will also tell staff what they need to do if they discover a fire. It will also tell them what to do if they hear the fire alarm.
  • Provide fire fighting equipment. This usually means fire extinguishers and also fire blankets. In some larger buildings or those with commercial kitchens other fire fighting equipment may be needed.
  • Fire safety signs will also be needed. There are many types and include – Action notices, fire exit signs, fire equipment signs, fire alarm point signs, signs for other firefighting equipment and lastly warning or prohibition signs.
  • A means for raising the alarm. Some buildings will require automatic fire alarm systems and others can have manual systems . In smaller premises, a simple air horn or word of mouth may be sufficient.
  • Emergency lighting is required in case of a power failure. A fire risk assessment will help you know where it is needed.
  • Fire training and fire drills are also needed. The frequency of fire training and drills will be based on the level of risk in the workplace.

Do you need help?

Our team offer services to help managers. We can carry out a fire risk assessment of your workplace. In addition, we can write the fire emergency plan and a guide to fire evacuation. Lastly, we can carry out fire training. We train fire marshals and all staff in house or provide you with an online fire training website just for your workplace!

For more details either call or email us for more details.

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